Diploma course of the Swiss Society of Senology (SSS)

This Diploma course of the Swiss society of Senology is an educational training in Senology for residents and/or specialists in radiology, pathology, gynecology, surgery, plastic surgery, medical oncology, radio oncology, and genetics. The Diploma will not entitle anybody to be able to be paid for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures other than are regular components of their own specialist formation, but should optimize and complement the existing courses and congresses. It should mainly serve as a motivator for young specialists with special interest in senology.

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Module 1

Theoretical basic – 5 days
Module 1A
3 days course in Lausanne, March 8 – 10, 2023
Hôtel Aquatis, Route de Berne 150, 1010 Lausanne, www.aquatis-hotel.ch


Module 1B
2 days course in Bern, November 23 – 24, 2023
Kongresszentrum Kreuz, Zeughausgasse 41, 3011 Bern, www.kongresszentrumkreuz.ch


Module 2

Theoretical advanced

The aim of module 2 is to improve the candidates’ knowledge of their subspecialty as well as the acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of senology. The candidates are encouraged to attend scientific meetings and courses on the topic of senology of at least 70 hours (10 days). Acknowledged courses are Kollegium Brustkrebs, IBUS course, Annual Meeting of the SSS, Senologie Update, Ultrasound course Basel, MIBB workshop, Diploma course of the Swiss Society of Senology (SSS)
Breast course in St. Moritz, San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, ASCO meeting, Congrès de la Société Française de Sénologie et de Pathologie Mammaire, Milan
Breast Cancer Conference, Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Senologie, Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Senologie, EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, etc. Each candidate has to document the acquisition of 70 CME points during the last 3 years before applying for the SGS/SSS diploma. CME points earned in module 1a and module 1b will not be accepted for module 2.

Module 3

Practical course

2 weeks in a certified breast center. The goal of this practical course is to train future senologists to apply a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of patients with
benign and malignant breast disease. During this 2-week internship at a breast center with a nationally or internationally recognized quality assurance certificate, trainees should enhance their understanding of the particular needs of these patients. Handson experience during the internship is desirable; pure observing, however, is accepted if requested by the certified breast center. The practical course will be divided into one 5-day week of elective specialty rotation followed by one 5-day week of non-specialty rotation or vice versa. For experienced senologists, the 5-day week of elective specialty rotation can be omitted. In this case, the non-specialty rotation should be doubled to 10 days. For trainees working at a certified breast center, passing module 3 in their own center is not possible.

Description of Module 3


Module 1a (3 days course in Lausanne): Dr. med Giang Thanh Lam, Dr. Alexandre Bodmer, Genève
Module 1b (2 days course in Zürich): Dr. med. Francesco Meani, Bellinzona
Module 2 (70 credits CME): PD Dr. Konstantin Dedes, Zürich
Module 3 (2 weeks at a certified breast center): Prof. Dr. Walter Weber, Basel