Death of Aron Goldhirsch

Dear SGS/SSS Community

With great dismay we received the sad news from the International Breast Cancer Study Group, IBCSG that Aron Goldhirsch, MD, passed away much too early on February 23rd at the age of 73.

Dr. Goldhirsch was director of the Multidisciplinary Program of Senology and Deputy Scientific Director at the European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy. He was professor of medical oncology at the University of Bern. He was an international leader in the field of breast cancer. His areas of research included new adjuvant treatments for breast cancer, definition of biologic features that predicted responsiveness or resistance to anticancer treatments, and quality-of-life-oriented approaches.

Dr. Goldhirsch was one of the founders and inspiring leaders of the Ludwig Breast Cancer Study Group and its successor, the International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG). He has been acting for many years as Scientific Chairman and Co-Chairman, as member of the Foundation Council as well as member of the Ethics Committee of IBCSG.

Attached please find an article about Aron, albeit from 2007, it nevertheless provides a great impression of who Aron was.

His work, his visions, his personality, his thoughts, his great sense of humour will live on in the institutions and people he shaped.

Aron Goldhirsch: dogmatically anti-dogma (Cancer World 2007)