IBUS 2010 Rückblick

– Didactic Presentations and Workshop Sessions —

January 30th and 31st 2010

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SubjectSpeaker(s)DurationStart time
IntroductionC. Rageth, CH-Zürich00:0509:00
BI-RADS assessment category – concept and beyondA. Mundinger, D-Osnabrück00:2509:05
Complex cysts: classification and managementE. Garzoli, CH-Zürich00:4509:30
Palpable lesions in young women: Can biopsy be avoided?C. Lehman, USA-Seattle00:3010:15
ElastographyD. Cosgrove, GB-London00:3010:45
Break 00:3011:15
Papillary lesions: Imaging and managementZ. Varga, C. Rageth, CH-Zürich00:2011:45
Clinical Indications for breast MRI – MRI in the newly diagnosed breast cancer patientC. Lehman, USA-Seattle00:3012:05
MRI in the perioperative managementA. Günthert, CH-Bern00:2012:35
Lunch 01:0012:55
New insights in the imaging of DCISA. Mundinger, D-Osnabrück00:4513:55
DCIS: Diagnosis and managementZ. Varga, C. Rageth, CH-Zürich00:3014:40
Discussion, casesAll speakers00:3015:10
Break 00:3015:40
Multimodality imaging of breast anatomy focussing on TDLUA. Mundinger, D-Osnabrück00:3016:10
Diagnosis and management of microcalcifications of the breastE. Garzoli, CH-Zürich00:4516:40
„Hands on“ sessionsAll speakers01:0017:25
End of the first day  18:25
Sunday 31st   
Future directions with breast MRI: Spectroscopy, diffusion imaging, CADC. Lehman, USA-Seattle00:2009:00
Indications for US guided vacuum biopsiesR. Zanetti, CH-Basel00:3009:20
Technical considerations for quality breast MRI acquisitionC. Lehman, USA-Seattle00:2009:50
Break 00:3010:10
Breast DopplerD. Cosgrove, GB-London00:3010:40
NIH consensus conference on DCIS. Recommendations for imaging around the topic of DCISC. Lehman, USA-Seattle00:2011:10
Risk lesions (FEA, ADH, LN, papilloma, radial scars) imaging and managementZ. Varga, C. Rageth, CH-Zürich00:4511:30
Discussion about risk lesions – MR guided biopsy and pathology imaging concordanceC. Lehman and faculty00:4512:15
Lunch 01:0013:00
Preoperative staging of the breast and axillaA. Mundinger, D-Osnabrück00:2014:00
Non-palpable breast lesions: Role of imaging in preoperative localization and in the evaluation of the excisional specimenA. Günthert, CH-Bern00:3014:20
Technique and results of axillary ultrasoundC. Rageth, CH-Zürich00:2014:50
„Hands on“ sessionsAll speakers01:2015:10
End of the course  16:30

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