IBUS 08 Rückblick

„Advanced Breast Diagnostics“

— Didactic Presentations and Workshop Sessions —

February 16th and 17th (Sat/Sun) 2008 Technopark, Zürich, Switzerland

Progamm: You can download the Program here

First Day morning
Current status of breast imagingA. Mundinger00:3009:00
Basic breast sonographyD. Dershaw00:4509:30
Imaging in the follow-up after breast surgery.C. Rageth00:2010:15
The male breast / the axilla.D. Dershaw00:3010:35
Break 00:3011:05
The dense breastE. Garzoli00:2011:35
MRI of the Breast – Clinical Applications – how to use BIRADSM. Müller-Schimpfle00:4511:55
Management of high risk patients for breast and ovarian cancerG. Vlastos00:2012:40
First Day Noon 01:0013:00
State of the art of ultrasound guided breast interventionsA. Mundinger00:4514:00
The technique of vacuum-assisted handheld biopsyC. Rageth00:3014:45
MRI guided interventionsD. Dershaw00:3015:15
Break 00:3015:45
Non-palpable breast lesion: Role of imaging in preoperative localization and in the evaluation of the excisional specimen.D. Guntern00:3016:15
MRI session: „avoiding false positive MRI-findings“B. Allgayer (moderator). Dershaw, Garzoli, Guntern, Hilfiker, Lepori, Müller-Schimpfle, Mundinger, Otto, Piguet, Pilz-Lang, Porcellini, Stoupis00:4516:45
Hands on sessionsE. Garzoli; D. Guntern; E. Pilz; E. Saurenmann; D. Lepori; M. Müller-Schimpfle; R. Zanetti, A. Mundinger; R. Otto; J.-C. Piguet01:0017:30
end of first day  18:30
Second Day morning
Surveillance after breast conserving and oncoplastic therapyA. Mundinger00:2009:00
The role of imaging in breast conservationD. Dershaw00:3009:20
Avoiding unnecessary open surgeriesC. Rageth00:2009:50
Break 00:3010:10
Diagnostic+/-therapeutic management of non palpable lesionsG. Vlastos00:3010:40
Classification of microcalcifications of the Breast.M. Müller-Schimpfle00:4511:10
MRI-guided interventions (Vacuum aspiration and preoperative localisation) in SwitzerlandD. Lepori00:3011:55
Second Day Noon 01:0012:25
Indications, limitations and BI-RADS terminology of MR-MammographyA. Mundinger00:3013:25
Ultrasound before axillary dissection or Sentinel LymphonodectomyC. Rageth00:2013:55
Interesting mammogram workshopD. Dershaw00:3014:15
Break 00:3014:45
Detecting early cancer: could 3D ultrasound be a usable tool. First clinical experience with SomovuJ.-C. Piguet00:3015:15
How to achieve the correct diagnosisR. Zanetti00:3015:45
Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)D. Dershaw00:3016:15
Hands on sessionE. Garzoli; D. Guntern; E. Pilz; E. Saurenmann; D. Lepori; M. Müller-Schimpfle; R. Zanetti, A. Mundinger; R. Otto; J.-C. Piguet00:4516:45
End of course  17:30

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