IBUS 06 Rückblick

IBUS: Modern Breast Ultrasound and other Diagnostic Procedures – Update

A lecture and workshop programme
February 24-25, 2006 at Technopark Zürich, Switzerland

Friday, 24th February

09.00Welcome and course introductionCh. Rageth
09.10New German S3 guidelines for ultrasoundH. Madjar
09.40Standards and guidelines for x-ray mammographyA. Mundinger
10.10MRI and MRI-guided procedures: Standards and guidelinesL. Philpotts
10.40Coffee break 
11.00Breast screening for early breast cancerR. Otto
11.30General standards and guidelines for ultrasoundH. Madjar
12.00Breast ultrasound and ultrasound biopsy techniquesL. Philpotts
12.30Achieving a correct diagnosisR. Zanetti
14.00Demonstrations – faculty members 
14.30Breast Centers – the benefits for patientsL. Philpotts
15.00Imaging follow up of the postoperative breastR. Otto
15.45Coffee break 
16.15Interactive “hands-on” workshops with faculty members 
Saturday, 25th February
09.00X-ray mammography BI-RADS (Adapted)R. Otto
09.20Ultrasound BI-RADS (Adapted)H. Madjar
09.40MRI BI-RADS (Adapted)A. Mundinger
10.00Importance of double readingE. Garzoli
10.20Incorporating new technologies into practice (Digital, CAD, MRI)L. Philpotts
11.10Coffee break 
11.30Interventional procedures – cytologyR. Otto
12.00Interventional procedures – core biopsyE. Durante
12.30Interventional procedures – Tissue sampling of breast lesions and lymph nodesCh. Rageth
14.00Demonstrations – faculty members 
14.30Controversies in histology from percutaneous biopsyL. Philpotts
15.00Underestimation of breast pathology with needle biopsy samplingM. Fehr
15.30Multifocality, multicentricity, staging and planning for surgeryE. Durante
16.00Case studies, BI-RADS ranking – faculty members