Diploma of Senology of the SGS/SSS 2020 module 1A

Mer, 10.03.2021
- Ven, 12.03.2021
Losanna, Svizzera

Masterclass of Senology 2020
Stepping Stones for Young Doctors

Cancelled due to the coronavirus and postponed to

Ven, 28.05.2021
Siteminsel (Inselspital), Berna, Svizzera

Please mark your diaries accordingly.

Swiss Congress of Radiology – SCR’21

Gio, 24.06.2021
- Sab, 26.06.2021
Congress Centre Davos, Svizzera

‘What’s new in aesthetic, reconstructive and oncological breast surgery’ Conference

Mer, 01.09.2021
- Sab, 04.09.2021
Londra, UK

MIBB certification course for breast vacuum biopsies

Mer, 08.09.2021
Ospedale universitario di Basilea

Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Senology – SSS 2021

Ven, 10.09.2021
Basilea, Svizzera